<a href='http://www.iioc.com/blog/home/prayer-schedule/'>Prayer & Iqama Time</a>
  • Fajr: 5:45am
  • Dhuhr: 1:15pm
  • Asr: 3:45pm
  • Maghrib: 10 min after sunset
  • Isha: 7:30pm
  • First Jummah: 12:00pm
  • Second Jummah: 1:10pm
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IIOC is dedicated to supporting, educating and promoting knowledge of Islam through proactive outreach and dialogue.

<a href='http://www.mustafaumar.com/files/flipbook/howtopray/index.html#/49'>Understand Your Prayer</a>

Learn about what we say & do in prayer, follow the link below.

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We've started aggregating our blog posts; just a
few for now, but more to come.
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