Visiting our incarcerated brothers and sister’s in Islam for the sake of Allah.  Our incarcerated brothers and sisters generally do not receive many Muslim visitors from the outside, therefore we take this obligation on ourselves to fulfill this need in the community.  Specifically we provide/receive spiritual and emotional support through religious visitations to incarcerated brothers and sisters; donate Islamic literature and supplies to correctional institutions; provide a presence for Islam within this country’s correctional institutions; and inshAllah in the future set up a correspondence program between incarcerated Muslims and the outside world.

Contact Person

Amin Eshaiker, IIOC Dawah Outreach Committee

Frequency of Visits


Institutions Served

  • FCI Terminal Island
  • FCC Victorville (Male Population)
  • FCI Victorville Medium II (Female Population)


Responsible and dedicated Muslim brothers/sisters in Southern California who are able to dedicate a Saturday every three months; fill out a volunteer request form (and pass the background check); and go through a brief interview with the volunteer coordinator.

IIOC Prison Outreach Survey

As'salam au'aliykum fellow IIOC Prison Outreach volunteers! In order to better serve the community, please take two minutes out of your time to fill out these survey questions. It really is important to get everyone's response, your input will help shape the direction of this program inshAllah.
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