IIOC was built in 1991, the building was expanded in 2001 and construction was finished when work was completed on the Minaret Academy in September 2005. The present facility houses a prayer hall, a multi-purpose hall, Minaret Academy Elementary School and other components of the facility serve the growing community’s needs.

IIOC has grown with the talents of our dedicated volunteers who organize over 200 programs annually while serving 3000 community members. Community events range from bazaars, picnics, blood drives, monthly free health clinics to weekly Friday family nights and youth nights.

The Institute of Quran teaches over 100 students the proper recitation of the Quran with qualified and motivational instructors. Saturday School also provides students with Islamic Studies and Arabic Comprehension.

In February, 2013 the College of Islamic Studies (CIS) was founded with lead instructor, Shaykh Mustafa Umar. CIS is an educational organization that focuses both on educational development while also stressing the importance of spiritual and moral education.

IIOC is a non-profit organization that relies first and foremost upon Allah; and then additionally on the hard work of volunteers, and the generous financial support of the community and people like you.