Marriage Officiation Request

The following requirements must be met prior to your Marriage Ceremony, also known as the Nikah or Kitab, to take place at the Islamic Institute of Orange County:

  1. Schedule a mandatory pre-marital session, at least one session is required. Please call IIOC’s main office to schedule your first session: (714) 533-6271.
  2. Complete the Marriage Ceremony request form below online.
  3. Obtain a marriage license from your local county courthouse.
  4. A fee of $300 is expected to be paid to IIOC for all ceremonies taking place in the masjid; rates are to be determined after the nikah application has been submitted for off-site ceremonies.

Please note that our officiants are recognized by the State of California; all information submitted to IIOC on this form is confidential and will only be for internal use.

[form marriageceremony]